Wayne Grajeda

“Melodic, rhythmic pop-rock songs with
intelligent lyrics and full, tight guitar and
keyboard arrangements. Strong,
expressive vocals.”

© 2006 Bluebird Cafe Berlin Records

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1. When The Nighttime Comes (mp3)
2. Chameleon (mp3)
3. Private Property (mp3)
4. Good Intentions
5. He Rides The Bakerloo
6. Galahad
7. You've Got That Girl
8. Snap Zoom
9. Maybe I Love You
10. Hold The Line (mp3)

Staytrue Street
Grajeda & Williams

“Contempory Americana at its best. Grajeda & Williams music explores the hidden corners of human experience. Staytrue Street delivers 11
tight tracks with emotional and intellectual punch.”

© 2003 Robert S. Williams & Wayne Grajeda

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1. Lily Jane
2. Number 17 Staytrue Street (mp3)
3. Live From Jumbo's Clown Room (mp3)
4. Postcard Day
5. Infrequently
6. What Am I Doing
7. Like A Man
8. Metal To Metal
9. Larry
10. Wouldn't It Be So Nice
11. Brand New Me

Hagelberger Street – Americans In Berlin
Jesse Ballard, Tom Cunningham, Wayne Grajeda,
Francis Serafini, John Vaughan, Bob Williams

“HAGELBERGER STREET is not only a fine collection of highly-crafted acoustic songs, it is also a document of a time when, between twilght and the early morning grey, great music rang from small stages.” (Berliner Morgenpost)

© 1996 Power Play Records

1. Number 17 Stay True Street
2. Livin' Outside the Law
3. Hagelberger Street
4. Ramblin' Shoes
5. Ruby and Bill
6. Me and Whiskey
7. Let It Ride
8. What am I Doing
9. Kalimera My Friend
10. Is All the Magic Gone
11. Trippin' Down Your Alley
12. Sundown Waker
13. Infrequently
14. A Thousand Things
15. Gipsy Night
16. Ain't No Hustler
17. Wouldn't It Be So Nice
18. "we don't have to hold that note..."
19. Ira Lee

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